This blog is designed to allow the classmates of Boston Latin Academy 1987 to communicate without the hassle of 100 emails going back and forth. It will allow us to gather information for our upcoming 20th reunion and share personal happenings in our lives with our classmates. Take care and see you in 2007.


Here is a list of classmates I am attempting to contact if you notice a name missing please let me know ASAP.

BLA Class of 1987 20th reunion invite list: Bold Face means I have confirmed they received the reunion letter.

Marie Abouzeid
Steven Amato
Romere Antoine
Michael Banatt
Thomas Bennett
Rhonda Bentley
Tina Bifano
Nancy Bilodeau
Linda Boey
Andrina Buffong
Banita Burgess

Pauline Byrne
Benjamin Cain
Larry Campobasso

Leonardo Casciato
Rickie Chaffold
David Chan
Keith Chan
Chi Hing Chau
Jenva Chien
Karen Chin
So Fan Chiu
Melissa Coleman
Ralph Conte
Maria Costa
Stephanie Crawford
Jonathan Crawford
Dave Cumberbatch
Michael Curry
Thomas Demerle
Cecile Dennehy
Robert Dietel (deceased)
Mylinh Domai
Geogre Downey
Keitrice Drake
Terrence Edwards
David Edwards
Willie Epps Jr.
Kim Farren
Theresa Farrow
Philip Fixler
Denise Flaherty
Ellen Flynn

Mark Foley
Michelle Fuller
Ronald Galvin
Patrick Gamble
Stacy Gomes
Gwendolyn Goodwin
Gail Grady
Jennifer Greene
Melody Guy
Stephanie Haroules
Bryna Harris
David Holness
Gary Holness

Sharon Howell
Deana Iarrobino
Michael Ilteris
David Isberg
Keith Jacob

Nelson Jaramillo
Kimberly Jones
Robert Jones
Brent Joseph
Laurie Kamara
Dianne Kelly
Paulette Kelly
Mary Kenny
Wissam Khoory
Nicole King
Susan Labelle
Shaun Lane
Beth Laurino
Helen Lee
Sharon Lee
Thomas Lee
Lien Lin
Deirdre Lydon
Liam Lydon

Dennis Mahon
John Maroun

Stephanie Marson
Mary Mayo
Claire McCarthy
Margaret McDevitt
Sean McGough
Karen McMahon
Dawn-Marie McQuade
Joanne Meegan
Tara Mendez
Steven Mok
Catarina Monteiro
Paul Moy
Patrick Myers (deceased)
Tina Ng

Chris Nikolopoulos
Amy Norton
Susan Norville
Charles O’Donnell
Marian O’Malley
Theresa O’Neill
Nadine Owens
Bernard Patnett
Joanne Paul
Donna Payne
Tracy Payton
Nancy Perkins
Monica Pomare
Marlea Regan
Letitia Rice

Deborah Riordan
Thomas Roche
Richard Romero
Roshine Ruddy

Carline Sauvignon

Greg Scarborough

Carla Sharpe

Richard Shulman
Cynthia Simmons
Reggie Smith
Daina Soble
Elaine Soohoo
Gayle Stubblefield
Keith Taylor
Mary Te
Michelle Termine
Raia Thompson
Lorella Todesco
Joey Tse
Steven Ubowski
Nadgege Volcy
Susan Walsh
Harold Watler
Ronna Weaver

Kathleen Whalen
Neil Williams
Alexander Winston
Khalid Wise
Lisa Wong
Terrence Wong
Wendy Wong
Shirley Woo
Donna Woodward

Andrew Yee
Julie Yee
Kenneth Yee
Pyongjin Yim
Sonnya Yong
Harvey Yuen
Beatrice Zaharian




  1. Gail (Grady) Tierney · February 20, 2006

    Dave, nice job with this! I don’t know what we’d do without you baby.

  2. Helen (Lee) McAuley · June 23, 2006

    Hello! Great site and such a wonderful resource for those of us who tend to get lost as the years go by.

    As for me, I am married and live in Duxbury. I have an 11th month old baby girl who keeps me and my husband very busy. Work still takes me into Boston, where I am the Compliance Officer for an investment management firm.

    I hope everyone is doing well, and I look forward to re-connecting with some old friends!

  3. Tina Bifano · October 23, 2007

    Hi Dave,
    How are you? It’s so great seeing everyone on this site! I’ve been living in Barcelona, Spain with my husband for the last 2 years. I still see Theresa everytime I go home and would love to get back in touch with everyone else, so anyone reading this that wants to get in touch with me please do: lalamira68@gmail.com. I doubt if I can make the reunion, but please give my regards to the gang. I’m not even sure if I sent any money for the 10 year reunion? Are there dues or something? Take care and have a fantastic time.

  4. THERESA FARROW · November 14, 2008

    Hello to all,

    Hope all is well with anyone and everyone who reads this. I currently live in Londonderry, NH, and work at Mass General Hosp., as an oncology registered nurse. I hope to read some updates on some of you. Stay well….theresa

  5. theresa oneill · January 28, 2009

    hello. missed the reunion but i was there at the 19th. hope all of you are doing well. I’m excited about the new president and hope it means positive changes for all of us.
    theresa oneill

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