What did you think? I just want to thank everyone who attended the 20th reunion. I hope everyone had a great time. It was nice to see everyone again. It always amazes me that you can walked into a place see someone you haven’t seen in 20 years and it seems like it was just a few months. I believe that example speaks the most for what we had at Latin Academy. The building might have not been ideal, but the people inside that building certainly were special.

Thanks to all that donated to the event without your contributions the reunion could not have been a success. A special thanks to Tom Roche who picked up the tab for all the non-alcoholic drinks and John Maroun whose donation covered the cost of the Red Sox security, which made it possible for the two World Series Trophies to appear at our reunion. Richard Shulman who assisted in tracking down addresses for classmates and Pauline Byrne, Nancy Bilodeau, Ronna Weaver and Kim Farren for assisting with the planning process and last minute assistance. I would also like to thank the classmates who have missed prior reunions for finding the time to show up to the 20th reunion and making it the successful event it turned out to be, because without our classmates’ participation there is no reunion.

I will continue to use this page as a means of communicating with classmates and planning for the 25th reunion.

Take care and Happy Holidays



  1. Claire · November 27, 2007

    Thanks to you for such a great reunion. You really did a lot to organize and it was a great time. The trophy was a great bonus. More memories for me to cherish of my BLA times.

  2. Maria · November 27, 2007

    Thanks for organizing a great reunion. Friends and family have seen the pictures and wish their reunions were half as good. Thanks for giving my son a great Red Sox memory.

  3. Deirdre · November 27, 2007


    You did a fantastic job! People are amazed when I tell them about the trophies being there! It was great seeing you and everyone who attended. Happy Holidays to all…

  4. John · November 27, 2007

    Dave, you did it again! I can’t wait for 25th. It was great seeing everyone. Did Lorella finally make it home? I’ll be selling photo’s of the trophy on Ebay in 86 years. Thanks Dave.

  5. Kim · November 28, 2007


    How can we thank you enough for making this reunion a great success?? All your hard work and persistence really paid off! What a memorable night for all – not just having the trophies there but bringing the “BLA Family” home again.
    Talk about wishing your life away… I am already counting down the days until our 25th!!
    To all those who attended, it was great seeing everyone again. For those who did not make the effort, you only cheated yourselves. What a great time it was for everyone.

    Can’t wait to see you all again! Thank you for a great night!!

  6. chris nikolopoulos · November 28, 2007


    Great time the other night. Why wait 5 years?
    Let’s do this annually!!!

  7. Richard Shulman · November 28, 2007


    Excellent job. It was great to see and chat with everyone.

    Since I never knew about this website before this event I’ll keep my eye out for any future postings.

    I agree, why wait for 5 years to do something as a group.
    Even small group get-togethers are fun.


  8. Keith Jacob · December 1, 2007

    Dave – Thank you for a great time! Everything was great. I can’t say enough about all your hard work. It was awesome to see everyone again. The night went by way too fast! I hope we can get together before the 25th.
    Happy Holidays to everyone!

  9. Karen · December 3, 2007

    Hey Dave, Thanks for putting on a great 20th reunion. I had a great time seeing and chatting with everyone. We will definitely get together before the 25th.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with their families. Karen

  10. James (Jenva Chien) Liu · January 1, 2009


    I actually just found out today (2009-01-01) on the web that we had a 20th reunion. If you had any postings about it on the facebook, I missed it. Please accept me to the BLA Class of 87 alumni group on FB. I guess I will have to wait for another 5 years for the next reunion. If anyone’s coming out to So Cal, I can be reached at 650-520-9938..

    Hope everyone a serendipitous new year..

    James (Jenva) from Thousand Oaks, California..

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