Reunion Committments: Saturday, November 24th, 7:00pm: 6B Lounge, 6 Beacon Street, Downtown Boston

Current View of the Old Boston Latin Academy
BLA Present

Below is an updated list of Classmates who plan on attending. If you are not on the list please comment or email me and I will add your name. I will not assume anyone is going unless you comment or email me, Thanks. (Friends and Spouses are invited)

David Isberg david-isberg-1987.jpg Chris Nikolopoulos Chris Niko 1987

Keith Jacob Keith Jacob Rich Romero Rich Romero 1987

Richard Shulman Shulman 1987 Jon Crawford Jon Crawford

Pauline Byrne Pauline Byrne Karen Chin Karen Chin 1987

Kim Farren Kim Farren 1987

Steve Amato Steve Amato 1987 Marion O’Malley Marian O’Malley

Gail Grady Gail Grady 1987 Debbie Riordan Debbie Riordan

Nancy Bilodeau Nancy Bilodeau 1987 Claire McCarthy Claire McCarthy

Diane Kelly Diane Kelly 1987 John Maroun John Maroun

Beth Laurino Beth Laurino 1987 Lorella Todesco Lorella Todesco 1987

Mark Foley Mark Foley Patrick Gamble Patrick Gomes

Sharon Lee Sharon Lee Roshine Ruddy Roshine Ruddy

Ralph Conte Ralph Conte Karen McMahon Karen McMahon

Deirdre Lydon Deirdre Lydon Ellen Flynn Ellen Flynn 1987

Michelle Termine Michelle Termine 1987 Larry Campobasso Larry Campobasso 1987

Lisa Wong Lisa Wong 1987 Julie Yee Julie Yee 1987

Nadege Volcy (?) Nadege Volcy 1987 

Susan LaBelle Susan LaBelle 1987 Maria Costa Maria Costa 1987

Stephanie Crawford Stephanie Crawford 1987 Ronna Weaver Ronna Weaver 1987

Monica Pomare Monica Pomare 1987 Shirley Woo Shilrey Woo 1987

Donna Woodward Donna Woodward 1987 Denise Flaherty (?) Denise Flaherty 1987

Andrina Buffong Andrina Buffong 1987 Donna Payne Donna Payne 1987

Beatrice Zaharian Beatrice Zaharian 1987 Sonnya Yong Sonnya Yong 1987

Michael Curry Michael Curry 1987 Banita Burgess Banita Burgess 1987

Thomas Roche Thomas Roche 1987 Letitia Rice Letitia Rice 1987

Cynthia Simmons Cynthia Simmons 1987 Ben Cain Ben Cain 1987

Thomas Bennett Thomas Bennet 1987 Wendy Wong Wendy Wong 1987

Gayle Stubblefield (?) Gayle Stubblefield 1987 Tina Ng (?)

Brent Joseph Brent Joseph 1987

Diana Soble Diana Soble 1987 Elaine Soohoo Elaine Soohoo 1987

George Downey George Downey 1987

UPDATED 11/23/07: A request was made to add photos I will continue to update. (?) means they are aware of reunion are not 100% yet if they can attend.



  1. chris nikolopoulos · August 22, 2007


    I’ll be there. just let me know
    where and when.


  2. Dianne Kelly · August 22, 2007

    I’ll be there. I’m checking with Marian O’Malley. Let me know what I can do to help. I agree with the casul atmosphere as opposed to a sit down dinner.

  3. Beth Laurino · August 23, 2007

    Hi, Dave-

    I plan on being there and I also agree that casual is good. I very much look forward to seeing everyone!

  4. Deb · August 23, 2007


    I will be there. Let me know if you need any help.

    Casual is fine if that is what the majority wants.

  5. Melody Guy · August 27, 2007

    Hello all:

    Am going to try to attend.

  6. Ralph Conte · August 27, 2007

    my wife and I will be there. Have you picked a place?

  7. Karen McMahon Fergus · September 9, 2007

    Hey Dave,
    I’ll be there, looking forward to seeing everyone. Casual is better than a sit down dinner. Thanks for organizing the Reunion. See you there, Karen

  8. Steve Amato · September 24, 2007


    I will be there also..Let me know if you need help with anything.


  9. Sue LaBelle Scannell · October 18, 2007

    Keith and I will plan to be there. Thanks Dave for organizing this! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help! If you are still looking for a place to have it let me know. I my have a place you could use that would be reasonable in Quincy.

  10. Joanne Meegan · November 24, 2007

    Hi, David:

    I’m working this weekend (I’m a nurse at the Mass General), and I won’t be able to make it. Thank you SO much for planning the reunion. I am really sorry I can’t attend! Hope everyone is well –

    Joanne Meegan

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