One Last Search for Classmates!

Return to Sender

I would love to see everyone at the 20th reunion. However, I realize there are those who just don’t care. That is fine. I just want to give everyone the opportunity to make that decision.

I am sending one last mailing to new addresses I have gathered over the past few weeks. Please just drop me a simple email “sorry”, “no”, F off, as long as I know you had the info to make the decision.

Email or call Dave Isberg 617-438-0603.

Thanks, here is a list of classmates I know I don’t have addresses: Keitrice Drake, Michael Ilteris, Matthew Marston, Amy Norton, Deana Iarrobino, Nelson Jaramillo, Melissa Coleman.

Here is a list am not sure I have contacted but am sending a new piece of mail: Marie Abouzeid, Michael Banatt, Rhonda Bentley, Leonardo Casciato, Rickie Chaffold, David Chan, Keith Chan, Chi Hing Chau, Jenva Chien, So Fan Chiu, Dave Cumberbatch, Cecile Dennehy, Mylinh Domai, David Edwards, Willie Epps, Theresa Farrow, Philip Fixler, Michelle Fuller, Ronald Galvin, Stacy Gomes, Stephanie Haroules, Bryna Harris, Sharon Howell, Kimberly Jones, Laurie Kamara, Paulette Kelly, Wissam Khoory, Nicole King, Thomas Lee, Lien Lin, Dawn Marie McQuade, Stephanie Marson, Mary Mayo, Sean McGough, Tara Mendez, Steven Mok, Catarina Monteiro, Paul Moy, Susan Norville, Nadine Owens, Bernard Patnett, Joanne Paul, Tracy Payton, Nancy Perkins, Carline Sauvignon, Greg Scarborough, Keith Taylor, Mary Te, Raia Thompson, Joey Tse, Steven Ubowski, Kathleen Whalen, Neil Williams, Terry Wong, Pyongjin Yim, Harvey Yuen.

Either I have no idea where they are or they choose not to respond.

UPDATED 11/23/2007



  1. chris nikolopoulos · November 16, 2007

    I just wanted to thank you for your time and
    effort putting this reunion together. Can’t wait
    to see everyone at the reunion.

  2. Gail Grady · November 19, 2007

    I don’t think I’ll be there for the photo, but I’m looking forward to the reunion! Maybe you could cut and paste my picture in?? You could use the one from the yearbook.

  3. George Downey · November 24, 2007

    Sorry for contacting sooo late. Guess things haven’t changed much over the years!! I will definately be there for the reunion. I would where something from then but I would never fit. As I’m sure can be said for many of our fellow classmates. See everyone there!!

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