6B Lounge

6B Lounge

After visiting more than 20 sites and playing the price is right with manager after manager. I believe we have found the right fit for our 20th reunion, the 6B Lounge is located at 6B Beacon Street in downtown Boston. Over the next couple of days I will post good places nearby to park or stay the night.

My search for a reunion location was not as easy as I thought. Were there better locations/venues, absolutely, however the prices were crazy. Most places wanted a rental fee for space and a guarantee of a minimum of $1,000 an hour on food and drinks. Now, I love my classmates but without getting a fixed cost up front I didn’t want to risk losing my Superbowl trip money (because we are going to win the Superbowl). I also don’t want cost to keep anyone from attending. This reunion is free, but we are asking for donations to make it the best!

Please if you plan on attending send me a note and if you chose to donate, all donations to the reunion will be used to upgrade everything we put into the evening. Send checks to David Isberg, 6 Baker Place, West Roxbury, MA 02132. Thank you to those who have already sent me a donation.

I will be looking for old BLA items to place in a section for classmates to view. All items will be returned. If you bring something please attach your name to your item(s). I am also looking for all photos, please email new and old photos of you and old classmates or family.

We will have a DJ playing all of our 1980’s favorites. Send me any request and I will make sure the DJ has what you wish to hear.

This is a social lounge and based on feedback, that is what most classmates requested. If you see something on the menu you wish to order for the evening, please let me know.

Hope to see everyone on the 24th, 7:00pm to whenever we can get the last person out. (My guess, Gail Grady!!!)



  1. Claire · November 2, 2007

    Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to the 24th. I am in for a photo at Fenway if that is still in the plan.

  2. Karen · November 2, 2007

    Hey Dave, Looking forward to a good time, I’d love to have another Fenway photo if that is possible, Karen

  3. Ralph Conte · November 2, 2007

    Good job Dave. thanks. See you on the 24th. Would love to be in the Fenway photo, but it may depend on the time. I’ll mail you a check soon.


  4. Kim · November 3, 2007


    The 6B Lounge looks great! It reminds me of “Martini’s”. We all know what a great time that was! Can hardly wait for the 24th.
    Thanks for all your hard work!!


  5. Donna · November 13, 2007

    Dave – hoping to attend – it would be great to see everyone. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this together.

  6. Ellen · November 13, 2007

    Hi Dave

    Great job per usual. Looking forward and in for the Fenway Photo if it is a go.

  7. Ronna Weaver · November 13, 2007


    I viewed the site for the first time today (11/13/07) and can’t wait to attend the reunion.

    Thanks for your persistence and making this happen.

  8. Tom Roche · November 14, 2007


    Glad to here from you today. Thanks for making the arrangements and taking time out of your busy schedule. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

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