Early Feedback for the reunion

So far most classmates are looking for a socializing atmosphere, not a sit down dinner. I would ask again that you email or post a comment if you are interested in attending the reunion. Let me know what you would like to see at the reunion, some suggested an 80’s theme, dress etc… A lot of people are viewing the blog but not commenting. I would like to finalize details shortly after labor day.


One comment

  1. izzy2173 · August 19, 2007

    I have only heard from about a fifth of our classmates. That is not too good. Please comment!! Comment if you don’t care to show up, can’t make it, don’t like me, just please let me know you received the letter and are aware of the event/date. I would hate to have not notified someone who wishes to participate.

    Diane Kelly? Ben Cain? Tom Bennett? Stacey Gomes? Mary Kenney? Tom Roche? Kim Farren? Mark Foley? Steve Amato? etc…where are you???

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