What are some of the things you remember from the 80’s?

The '86 World Series…Buckner  Ughhhh!!!  Remember that junior year Montreal trip?  What was the name of that little bar we went to every night?  I remember buying Ben Cain and Tom Bennett a drink called a Rusty Nail..I never had one of those drinks..maybe this Friday at the Martini Bar?  Remember E-bi sweats and member only jackets…Kango's….what was the name of those sneakers fron Canada..some kind of soft Adidas sneaker made of kangaroo or some shit…..



  1. Deb Riordan · April 23, 2006

    The name of the bar was Jerry's. Very close to
    the hotel.

    Drink I remember most from that trip was Alabama Slammers.

  2. Nancy Bilodeau · April 24, 2006

    I remember B52 shots….well, I kinda remember them. Scary – what were we….16 years old??!!

    I plan on going to Martinis on Friday, but I will probably be a little late (8:30-9:00). Looking forward to it!

  3. Steve Amato · April 24, 2006

    ..Actually, I thought the bar in Montreal was Andrew's ?? Gazelles were the sneakers you are thinking about Dave.. Those sneakers had no comfort whatsoever, but they looked good with pegged Levis….
    Friday night maybe tough, I am going to try and make it but am not sure yet..

  4. Claire McCarthy · April 24, 2006

    I agree with Steve. If you look at the year book a lot of people have Andrew's listed under their memories. I think Ellen Flynn wins for the most Sweats by E-bi. I also remember Alabama Slammers but mostly remember the bottle of Peppermint Schnapps. It's amazing that our bodies tolerated the damage we did to it! Hope eveyone has fun at Martini's. I will be in Cincinatti for my niece's First Communion. I plan to catch a Reds game while out there so maybe Arroyo will be pitching! Who remembers the Aquarium parties?

  5. mark foley · April 25, 2006

    i’m in for friday night. Was andrews next to the rib place? I remember the $80 dollar lobster doggie bag in the hotel bathroom. it was there until the toga party, …rough one.

    Be careful if you’re driving friday. Norwood cops arrest their own for drinkin. I’m planning on cabbing it. see you then.

  6. Gary Holness · May 13, 2006

    I just found the blog. As I think back to a number of things we enjoyed
    back in the 80, I find myself awestruck at how much various aspects of life have changed.

    Do remember the Sony Walkman? Having to dub a tape?
    The Atari 2600?
    Buying books in a book store?
    Going to yard sales? (versus Ebay Auctions)
    Using a passbook for your savings account?

    A Huffy 56?
    Rotary Dial telephones?
    Friday night Videos?

    I wish everyone well.

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