Martini’s Bar in Norwood

Lorella is planning a Friday Night out at Martini’s in Norwood Center.  The suggested dates are Friday April 28th or Friday May 5th.  We will post the date later this week.



  1. Claire · February 20, 2006

    Unfortunately I will be out of town on the 28th for my neices first Communion and then the following weekend is my sons. I CANNOT handle being hungover for that. Hope you have fun.


  2. Karen · February 21, 2006

    Hey Lorella,
    sounds fun, fridays are usually good for me, so far I have no plans on either date, so let me know what you decide on. Also, I’m going to ask Stacey, Dawn, and my sister Stephanie to go too, so hopefully, it’ll be a good nite for them too. Karen

  3. Deb · February 22, 2006

    Lorella, and everyone else,
    It sounds great. I will put it on my calendar. Hopefully I will be able to attend.

    Take care all

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