25th Reunion Date Set!

Our 25th reunion will be held on Saturday, October 6, 2012. A location has yet to be determined. I will contacted class members who expressed interest in selcting a reunion location.

Hope to see you on October 6, 2012.

Dave Isberg




What did you think? I just want to thank everyone who attended the 20th reunion. I hope everyone had a great time. It was nice to see everyone again. It always amazes me that you can walked into a place see someone you haven’t seen in 20 years and it seems like it was just a few months. I believe that example speaks the most for what we had at Latin Academy. The building might have not been ideal, but the people inside that building certainly were special.

Thanks to all that donated to the event without your contributions the reunion could not have been a success. A special thanks to Tom Roche who picked up the tab for all the non-alcoholic drinks and John Maroun whose donation covered the cost of the Red Sox security, which made it possible for the two World Series Trophies to appear at our reunion. Richard Shulman who assisted in tracking down addresses for classmates and Pauline Byrne, Nancy Bilodeau, Ronna Weaver and Kim Farren for assisting with the planning process and last minute assistance. I would also like to thank the classmates who have missed prior reunions for finding the time to show up to the 20th reunion and making it the successful event it turned out to be, because without our classmates’ participation there is no reunion.

I will continue to use this page as a means of communicating with classmates and planning for the 25th reunion.

Take care and Happy Holidays

Reunion Committments: Saturday, November 24th, 7:00pm: 6B Lounge, 6 Beacon Street, Downtown Boston

Current View of the Old Boston Latin Academy
BLA Present

Below is an updated list of Classmates who plan on attending. If you are not on the list please comment or email me and I will add your name. I will not assume anyone is going unless you comment or email me, Thanks. (Friends and Spouses are invited)

David Isberg david-isberg-1987.jpg Chris Nikolopoulos Chris Niko 1987

Keith Jacob Keith Jacob Rich Romero Rich Romero 1987

Richard Shulman Shulman 1987 Jon Crawford Jon Crawford

Pauline Byrne Pauline Byrne Karen Chin Karen Chin 1987

Kim Farren Kim Farren 1987

Steve Amato Steve Amato 1987 Marion O’Malley Marian O’Malley

Gail Grady Gail Grady 1987 Debbie Riordan Debbie Riordan

Nancy Bilodeau Nancy Bilodeau 1987 Claire McCarthy Claire McCarthy

Diane Kelly Diane Kelly 1987 John Maroun John Maroun

Beth Laurino Beth Laurino 1987 Lorella Todesco Lorella Todesco 1987

Mark Foley Mark Foley Patrick Gamble Patrick Gomes

Sharon Lee Sharon Lee Roshine Ruddy Roshine Ruddy

Ralph Conte Ralph Conte Karen McMahon Karen McMahon

Deirdre Lydon Deirdre Lydon Ellen Flynn Ellen Flynn 1987

Michelle Termine Michelle Termine 1987 Larry Campobasso Larry Campobasso 1987

Lisa Wong Lisa Wong 1987 Julie Yee Julie Yee 1987

Nadege Volcy (?) Nadege Volcy 1987 

Susan LaBelle Susan LaBelle 1987 Maria Costa Maria Costa 1987

Stephanie Crawford Stephanie Crawford 1987 Ronna Weaver Ronna Weaver 1987

Monica Pomare Monica Pomare 1987 Shirley Woo Shilrey Woo 1987

Donna Woodward Donna Woodward 1987 Denise Flaherty (?) Denise Flaherty 1987

Andrina Buffong Andrina Buffong 1987 Donna Payne Donna Payne 1987

Beatrice Zaharian Beatrice Zaharian 1987 Sonnya Yong Sonnya Yong 1987

Michael Curry Michael Curry 1987 Banita Burgess Banita Burgess 1987

Thomas Roche Thomas Roche 1987 Letitia Rice Letitia Rice 1987

Cynthia Simmons Cynthia Simmons 1987 Ben Cain Ben Cain 1987

Thomas Bennett Thomas Bennet 1987 Wendy Wong Wendy Wong 1987

Gayle Stubblefield (?) Gayle Stubblefield 1987 Tina Ng (?)

Brent Joseph Brent Joseph 1987

Diana Soble Diana Soble 1987 Elaine Soohoo Elaine Soohoo 1987

George Downey George Downey 1987

UPDATED 11/23/07: A request was made to add photos I will continue to update. (?) means they are aware of reunion are not 100% yet if they can attend.

One Last Search for Classmates!

Return to Sender

I would love to see everyone at the 20th reunion. However, I realize there are those who just don’t care. That is fine. I just want to give everyone the opportunity to make that decision.

I am sending one last mailing to new addresses I have gathered over the past few weeks. Please just drop me a simple email “sorry”, “no”, F off, as long as I know you had the info to make the decision.

Email Izzy2173@comcast.net or call Dave Isberg 617-438-0603.

Thanks, here is a list of classmates I know I don’t have addresses: Keitrice Drake, Michael Ilteris, Matthew Marston, Amy Norton, Deana Iarrobino, Nelson Jaramillo, Melissa Coleman.

Here is a list am not sure I have contacted but am sending a new piece of mail: Marie Abouzeid, Michael Banatt, Rhonda Bentley, Leonardo Casciato, Rickie Chaffold, David Chan, Keith Chan, Chi Hing Chau, Jenva Chien, So Fan Chiu, Dave Cumberbatch, Cecile Dennehy, Mylinh Domai, David Edwards, Willie Epps, Theresa Farrow, Philip Fixler, Michelle Fuller, Ronald Galvin, Stacy Gomes, Stephanie Haroules, Bryna Harris, Sharon Howell, Kimberly Jones, Laurie Kamara, Paulette Kelly, Wissam Khoory, Nicole King, Thomas Lee, Lien Lin, Dawn Marie McQuade, Stephanie Marson, Mary Mayo, Sean McGough, Tara Mendez, Steven Mok, Catarina Monteiro, Paul Moy, Susan Norville, Nadine Owens, Bernard Patnett, Joanne Paul, Tracy Payton, Nancy Perkins, Carline Sauvignon, Greg Scarborough, Keith Taylor, Mary Te, Raia Thompson, Joey Tse, Steven Ubowski, Kathleen Whalen, Neil Williams, Terry Wong, Pyongjin Yim, Harvey Yuen.

Either I have no idea where they are or they choose not to respond.

UPDATED 11/23/2007

Reunion Food and Drinks

Here is a list of the type of food I ordered for the reunion. If you see something on the function menu that you wish me to order please just drop me an email. Also I received a generous donation with a request to make sure all non-alcoholic beverages are free for the evening, so they now are free. I am sure I will have some money to put toward a tab at the bar. Not sure how much so don’t arrive too late!

Stuffed Mushrooms, Scallops wrapped in Bacon, Maryland Style Crab Cakes, Coconut Shrimp, Beef Teriyaki, Buffalo Chicken Tenders, Italian Meatballs, Potato Skins, Raw Vegetable and Dip Platter, and House Tossed Salad.

6B Lounge

6B Lounge

After visiting more than 20 sites and playing the price is right with manager after manager. I believe we have found the right fit for our 20th reunion, the 6B Lounge is located at 6B Beacon Street in downtown Boston. Over the next couple of days I will post good places nearby to park or stay the night.

My search for a reunion location was not as easy as I thought. Were there better locations/venues, absolutely, however the prices were crazy. Most places wanted a rental fee for space and a guarantee of a minimum of $1,000 an hour on food and drinks. Now, I love my classmates but without getting a fixed cost up front I didn’t want to risk losing my Superbowl trip money (because we are going to win the Superbowl). I also don’t want cost to keep anyone from attending. This reunion is free, but we are asking for donations to make it the best!

Please if you plan on attending send me a note and if you chose to donate, all donations to the reunion will be used to upgrade everything we put into the evening. Send checks to David Isberg, 6 Baker Place, West Roxbury, MA 02132. Thank you to those who have already sent me a donation.

I will be looking for old BLA items to place in a section for classmates to view. All items will be returned. If you bring something please attach your name to your item(s). I am also looking for all photos, please email new and old photos of you and old classmates or family.

We will have a DJ playing all of our 1980’s favorites. Send me any request and I will make sure the DJ has what you wish to hear.

This is a social lounge and based on feedback, that is what most classmates requested. If you see something on the menu you wish to order for the evening, please let me know.

Hope to see everyone on the 24th, 7:00pm to whenever we can get the last person out. (My guess, Gail Grady!!!)

Fenway Photo

I have been in contact with the Red Sox organization. We are schedule to shoot a photo in the box seats in the afternoon of the 24th of November, the day of the reunion. Here is the deal. The Red Sox are adding new suites, therefore construction will be ongoing. So the location of the photo depends on the construction schedule. Also, if the World Series Trophy is in the park it will be available for us to take photos.

WS Trophy

I will remain in contact with the Red Sox as the reunion draws near. Please comment to this post yes or no if you plan to attend the Fenway photo. I will hire a photographer from the money collected for the reunion. You may also bring your own cameras.